Kernow Coatings is a global leader in optimised high-performance coatings. Printer OEMs and leading national brands trust and certify us for wide format and narrow format specialised print media – synthetics, self-adhesives, floor graphics, colours and metallics.

NEW FloorSharK Dry Toner

The world’s first approved floor graphic for dry toner is the fastest way to produce anti-slip certified floor graphics, made of ultra-tough polyester that’s extra durable.

FloorSharK® Wide Format

Unique sharkskin coating absorbs the ink & dries tough. Eliminates the need to laminate. Gives great color gamut and high grip.

KernowJet KlearGuard – 075KCDE

Kernow’s KlearGuard delivers a versatile, easy to clean, and ultra-durable solution to turn any surface into a wipeable, cleanable, scratch resistant area.


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Oct 21

The printed menu is back on the menu!

The pandemic drastically changed the dining experience with the prioritization of customer safety over the pleasurable experience of dining. To restrict interaction between customers and staff and limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, restaurants and cafes were restricted to table service only but not the kind of table service we were previously spoiled with […]

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Aug 21

Walk this way… how floor graphics can be the route to successful marketing

The use of printed floor graphics has rocketed since the start of the pandemic.  We now see social distancing messages everywhere we go, but what does the future hold for floor graphics when it comes to other applications such as advertising and promotions? One reason that floor graphics have become so popular in recent years […]

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May 21

Cleaning up – has the pandemic changed our hygiene habits for good?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in billions of people changing their personal hygiene habits, particularly when it comes to thorough and consistent hand washing. What may have been a subconscious act previously has seen us transition to rigorously washing whilst counting to 20 in the process! We’ve also all become accustomed to sanitizer and […]

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