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Speciality durable films for every print system and to suit a wide variety of sector and industry applications.

Take a look below at the many sectors we supply and the solutions we provide.

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Kernow Coatings is a global leader in optimised high-performance coatings. Printer OEMs and leading national brands trust and certify us for wide format and narrow format specialised print media - synthetics, self-adhesives, floor graphics, colours and metallics.
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Marine and Oil Industries

Marine & Oil industry applications

Marine grade adhesives for oil drum labelling, manuals, labels and tags.

Our Solution…

Tough and waterproof, our KernowPrint Dry Toner range of films and our range of Marine Grade Adhesives are perfect for applications in the marine and oil industries.

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Advertising applications

Backlit displays and cling window advertising

Our Solution…

Specialist media for advertising displays, from fabrics to self adhesives such as our Metalik Window Perf.  Here are just a few examples of our product applications…

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Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage applications

Signage, public notices, events, and safety are just a few of the applications for our durable films.

Our Solution…

Our KernowPrint Dry Toner is perfect for printing Government and Public notices, ensuring they are legible even in the wind, rain, and snow!

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Horticultural applications

Waterproof and washable tags, labels and signs are a necessity in the horticultural industry.

Our Solution…

KernowPrint Dry Toner products hold up against all weather conditions.  Pre-designed plant tag and ID card templates available. Waterproof and tearproof straight from the printer.

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Tradeshows and Exhibitions

Exhibition Applications

For events that make you stand out from the crowd, opt for backlit displays, floor graphics, roller banners and custom flags.

Our Solution…

KernowPrint Dry Toner will let you create personalised ID badges, roller banners and wall graphics.  FloorSharK is ideal for social distancing and promotional floor graphics.

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Supporting the NHS


We collaborated with British manufacturers to produce visors for the North West Ambulance service in a bid to help fulfil demand for much needed PPE for the NHS.


Engineering solutions provider Senior Aerospace approached Kernow Coatings to supply them with 125KBC optically clear polyester film.  Senior Aerospace had diverted some of their manufacturing resources (Zund cutters) in an effort to urgently make more visors for the NHS.


Medical & Healthcare applications

Medical documents, signs and safety notices that need to be kept sanitized.

Our Solution…

KernowPrint lets you produce waterproof, tearproof, cleanable, alcohol resistant documents and signs for a medical enviroment – that can even be written on.  Coming soon with antimicrobial product protection.

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Hospitality – Restaurants and Bars

Hospitality applications

Restaurant menus, takeaway menus, placemats, social distancing signage, floor graphics.

Our Solution…

You can trust KernowPrint Dry Toner for waterproof, wipeable menus which can even go in the dishwasher! Take a look at FloorSharK Dry Toner floor graphics for social distancing signage.

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Hospitality – Hotels and Cruise Ships

Hotel & Cruise Ship applications

Tearproof, waterproof, cleanable documents and signage such as health and safety notices, door hangers and in-room printed menus.

Our Solution…

Choose KernowPrint Dry Toner for Waterproof, tearproof, cleanable, alcohol resistant media for documents and signs – that can even be written on.  Coming soon with antimicrobial product protection.  Take a look at our Pre-designed A4 templates for door hangers, ID cards and luggage tags.


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Retail Display

Retail applications

Retail environments now require social distancing floor graphics to keep their stores safe. Promotional displays such wide format banners, flags, roll ups, popups, and even removable self adhesive films to cover walls are also popular requirements.


Our Solution…

Take a look at FloorSharK Dry Toner for social distancing and promotional floor graphics and KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner  for signage and removable self adhesive posters.  Check out KernowPrint MetaliK window perf for removable window displays in eye catching metallic colours – gold, silver and copper.

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Promotional applications

Target your advertising with personalized promotions, signage, shelf wobblers and loyalty cards.

Our Solution…

Self adhesive advertising and Labelling Solutions.  KernowPrint Dry Toner MetaliK and Pre-designed Dry Peel ID cards.

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Supermarket applications

Providing a safe, sanitized environment requires customer signs and notices, shelf wobblers and floor graphics for social distancing and promotional messages.

Our Solution…

Waterproof, tearproof, cleanable labelling throughout the entire store.  From the chiller cabinets to the deli counter, the uses for KernowPrint Dry Toner with antimicrobial product protection are endless. FloorSharK Dry Toner is the ideal solution for one-step floor graphics.

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Recreation and Sport

Recreation & Sport applications

Maps and guides, race bibs, VIP passes and event tickets.

Our Solution…

KernowPrint Dry Toner products hold up against sweat, heat, and dirt and are perfect for all types of outdoor sports and recreation applications.  Waterproof and tearproof straight from the printer.

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Government and Public Notices

Government and Local Councils 

Public notices and signs.  Planning applications.

Our Solution…

From outdoor public notices to durable official documentation, KernowPrint Dry Toner products can save time and money over laminating, and will last longer too!

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Military applications

Maps, signage and chemical resistant labels.  Documents that are impervious to saltwater.

Our Solution…

KernowPrint Dry Toner products can be used to print anything from signage to labels, manuals to maps.  All waterproof, tearproof, and chemical resistant.

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Industrial applications

Safety signage and labels.  Safety floor graphics.  Chemical resistant labelling.  Waterproof, tear proof documents.

Our Solution…

KernowPrint Dry Toner films can withstand the toughest environments and conditions you can throw at it.  Mining, drilling, construction, or demolition, your documents and manuals will survive it all.

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Education applications

Social distancing floor graphics.  Health & Safety signs.  ID badges and personalised wrist bands.

Our Solution…

When paper is not tough enough, remove the need for lamination and try KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner.  From signs to removable self adhesive posters, we have a range of exciting media to enhance your classroom experience.

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Transport – Air and Rail Travel

Transport applications

From frequently handled menus and passenger safety cards to ID badges.  Floor graphics for advertising, promotion and social distancing messages.

Our Solution…

KernowPrint Dry Toner is ideal as a waterproof, tearproof and washable solution.  FloorSharK Dry Toner is also a popular choice for social distancing floor graphics.

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Plant Pot Stickers and Tags

Weather-proof, rigid, and outdoor durable, KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner is perfect for all of your plant tags and identification needs without the need to laminate.  Mud, snow, rain, and sun won’t keep you from knowing which plants are where.

Seasonal Signage

From signage to seasonal promotions, in a nursery you need waterproof, durable, wipeable media.  Pair with our removable/repositionable adhesive for quick seasonal signage that holds up to anything you throw at it. The KERNOWPRINT Dry Toner line of adhesive backed products gives your labels the tear, heat, and cold resistance to hold up to the toughest of challenges.