Printing industry research

Printing Industry Research

From our formation over 40 years ago to the present day, innovation and performance drive our R&D  team. With our team of highly qualified chemists, we have a vast experience of creating market-leading solutions for every print technology, digital and analogue.

Kernow was first to create high-performance, digital synthetics for toner fusion and laser devices, first to coat polyester for solvent inks, first to create our STL ‘eliminate the laminate’ technology. We retain our leadership by constant innovation and listening to our customers’ needs.

We are experts in color and can create Pantone or custom colors to within +/0.5 Delta E (very precise control). Need a color for an industrial, security or architectural application, we can match it.

We have developed a skill-set to create custom-solutions for our customers and trade partners.   Whether it is a coating chemistry, specialist adhesive, dry-peel carrier, a highly technical paint, or a security ink, stress-test the Kernow R&D team and reduce the stress on your own business.

We have a climate controlled test suite that can replicate the harshest working conditions, from the American Mid-West to Florida, further stress-testing every product before market. If you have a barrier to your latest new product development, consider outsourcing to the Kernow Coatings research team.

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