40th Anniversary Celebrations

January 30th 2018

The Science of Kernow

Chemistry | Research | Innovation

The science behind synthetic media is what makes it invaluable. Today’s challenging applications need a material that will not fail at a critical moment in the field. Kernow has invested millions into research and development of the most INNOVATIVE, most TESTED, and most TRUSTED coated Synthetics by the most OEMs and major customers in the world!

Kernow’s Expertise Includes:

Acrylics Dyes/Pigments Anti-Static Adhesives UV-Cured
Polyurethanes UV Blocking Anti-Graffiti Security Aqueous
Alumina IR Blocking Conductive Covert/Overt Solutions
TiO2 Anti-Slip Waxes Silica
Carbon Black Anti-Fog Print Receptivity Sufactants


What does the world leading researchers and chemists need to work? State of the art labs and resources! Kernow print labs offer unrivaled support by combining technology, engineering, and science. The labs at Kernow offer:

  • Wide range of equipment for testing, development, and support
  • Sealed and controllable environmental chamber for full temperature and humidity control, plus static testing simulations
  • Industry leading customer support through in-house profiling, optimal settings tests, and multiple print platforms
  • Guaranteed performance on every delivery thanks to Kernow’s extensive testing and quality control


What comes out of the Kernow labs? KernowPrint – the perfectly engineered synthetic!

Don’t be fooled by claimed that quality synthetics are “over-engineered.” These claims try to deflect away from the pitfalls of using low-cost, high-risk synthetics that were not designed specifically for your digital print equipment.

What makes KernowPrint a PREMEIRE SYNTHEITC? Well, average fuser temperature is 170°C – you can fight the heat with KernowPrint synthetics and roll right over the competition.

KernowPrint Pro boasts a melting point of 255°C, while the competition misses the mark at melting points of 160°C (Polypropylene), 70-105°C (rigid vinyl – PVC), and 130-155°C (HDPE). With fuser temperatures that can reach 400°F, that is more than enough head to melt budget “compatible” synthetics on the market. Once that happens, you’re left with fuser soup and a huge bill on your hands!

What other industry issues does Kernow solve? Static build-up. Static is a REAL PROBLEM – KernowPrint offers the solution.

Static build-up is the leading cause of problems when running synthetic media. Materials won’t stack…and when they do, they won’t release from each other. It causes jams, print artifacts, and potential static shock – and there’s more to getting rid of static than a little tinsel or a static bar.

We’ve developed chemistries and materials that eliminate or control the static. Our chemists have a full understanding of what causes static and how to eliminate it in a printing process.  As such, you get a easy to run, static controlled, hassle free printing.

Kernow offers the print industry more than just coatings – we offer innovative solutions to real problems in print. The team at Kernow works tirelessly to find new solutions to age old problems in synthetic media. Kernow prides itself of leading the industry in research and development – and we have the media to show for it.

We don’t just make claims, we have Science and Customers who all agree that Kernow has the BEST products in the market. We guarantee that we have the BEST running and quality product in the industry call us to see for yourself.

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