Non Woven Textile N14 -6mil


Customisable for a wide range of purposes for a different look and finish

White opaque, non-woven fabric

Lightweight & foldable

Water resistant

Can be sewn in order to guarantee high breaking strength


Non-Woven Textile 6 mil N14-55  8.5″ x 11″ 1,000
Non-Woven Textile 6 mil N14-74  12″ x 18″ 500


Printroom 10°C – 30°C 40% – 55% RH
Usage -40°C – 120°C 10% – 100% RH
Storage 10°C – 20°C 20% – 55% RH


Shelf Life: 24 months after delivery (under recommended storage conditions)

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