Vivids for HP Indigo

A complete range of vivid synthetic media engineered for Indigo printers


Powerful colors that are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd!

The ultimate in durability: waterproof, tear resistant, & impervious to grease & chemicals.

Perfect for high visibility signs, critical safety messages & unique menus

The perfect way to show off the Indigo white inks

Features Kernow’s Cobalt Coating Technology:

Unrivaled Ink performance

Complete static control for guaranteed hassle free runs

  • Vivid Yellow 123KIVY
  • Vivid Blue 123KIVB
  • Vivid Green 123KIVG
  • Vivid Red 123KIVR
  • Vivid Orange 123KIVO
  • Vivid Black 123KIVK



Available in 12″ x 18″

Thickness: 5mil

MTO sizes are available


High visibility sales signs, critical safety messages, unique menus, specialty promotion, brand identification, book covers, impactful labelling, product tagging, high-viz applications, safety alert signage, shelf danglers, colourful wall charts, point of purchase display


Recommended Conditions:

Printroom 10°C – 30°C 40% – 55% RH
Usage -40°C – 120°C 10% – 100% RH
Storage 10°C – 20°C 20% – 55% RH

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